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Web Design, Web Management and SEO Company Garner NC 27529

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Website administrative services.Administrative Services
(recurring charge) (items marked with * are required)

  Paper Billing -  Some clients prefer to get something in the mail.  It can serve as a paper reminder, give you something to file, copies to accounting etc.

  Email Monitoring -  We know, some of our client don't hawk their email folders.  Our goal is to keep you so busy with new business, you dont have time to check and manage your email.  That’s why we created this service, to handle your email, filter out the junk and call you with a genuine lead.  When someone sends an email from the website, they know someone will contact them within 24 to 48 hours.  Allowing you time to call them back on your schedule.

  Reputation Defense -  Getting reviews from your customer is easy when your have someone who encourages them to add theirs.  The good reviews are good for business, bad reviews are bad for business.  With reputation defenses added to your budget, we contact the person who left the bad review and act as a mediator to get it removed.

  Parked Fees -  We pay for the servers that the web files are on.  We also maintain these servers and back up files on a regular basis.  Parked fees help us recover the cost of the servers and maintenance.

Turn over a little of your website management tasks or turn over a lot.  For most service businesses, hiring a full time web master is not an option, that’s what our clients love about our management plans.

From small getting your feet wet by turning over a little to full on lets run with it by turning over all of it.

We even have plans for a no compete situation so we aren't helping your competition.

Letting us manage your service business website will free up your time to do what you do best.  Service your customers.

Administrative Services