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Web Design, Web Management and SEO Company Garner NC 27529

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HEADLINE NEWS!  We’re in the process of migrating to the WordPress platform >

*All services are optional except for hosting and parked fees.  All other services can be added or removed at the end of any billing cycle.  To request a quote, fill out this form…

Our web design/management services are specifically optimized for small to mid sized service businesses.  We have budgets to suit even the smallest one man/woman operation or service businesses with 100 employees.

Get the Most Cost Effective and Productive Website Your Budget will Allow.  

Add, remove, adjust services based on your needs and goals.


Affordable, Guaranteed Custom Designed from Scratch Website

Management plans get you a real custom website faster, to the front in search faster and the phone ringing faster with new business.  Exclusive custom design, interest free financing and a productive management plan makes getting started today incredibly easy.

Management plans at a budget you can afford as a small service business and adjustable.

Add or remove services based on your needs and budget.

We target SEO to your local market (critical for a service business) with our standard management plan.

Add or remove services based on your business goals and budget.

Request a quote today.

Additional information on the website design pricing topic.

Our Web Design, Management and SEO Services List

Website administrative services.

  Administrative Services.  Things we do behind the scenes so you dont have to.  

A lot goes on inside our offices when managing a website properly, files have to moved, meta data has to be entered and updated, billing etc.  

Backing up the website in case of emergency is something we do on a regular basis as well.

Always more cost effective to hire us as an outsource than to hire someone as a staff member.  more

  Website domain servicesDomain Services.  Getting a great domain is critical, making sure the domain is renewed each year is critical.  Acquiring a lost domain is not an easy task but it can be done.

We register a good domain for your situation, protect it so you dont loose it so you dont have to worry.  Domains are basically rented, they must be renewed yearly.  If you’re like many people, your email inbox fills up.  If you domain renewal gets lost, you can loose it.

We get you a good domain and protect it for your peace of mind.  more

 Web hosting services Web Hosting.  The website files have to be on a computer connected to the Internet in order for people to browse.  These servers cost money and require some maintenance.  Hosting fees cover these costs and frees up your time to do what you do best, service your customers.

Servers have to be maintained, backed up and manged.

We use only GoDaddy servers for speed and reliability.  As a GoDaddy professional, we handle the logistics for you.

Besides, GoDaddy rocks!  more

Web design services  Web Design.  The design of your website depends on your needs, your business and its goals.  We custom design around you and your business, we dont insert your business into a design, we insert the design into your business.

Designing custom helps you stand out and will give you a competitive edge over the services business up the street.

Unique content is what the search engines look for and as a reward, your website will consistently out rank another website that looks like the crowd.  more

  Logo Design.  Dont have a logo yet? Or just using your name as a logo?  We can help get a great logo at an affordable price, make sure it integrates well into your design and help you avoid mistakes that many beginners make.

Using us for your logo is affordable, if we whip something up during the design phase of your website, we can even do it free or drastically discounted.

$50 per proof is common, if we whip it up in one take, $50 is all you pay.  Wasn't to make changes?  Tweaks or upgrades?  We can do it free inside your management plan.  more

 Website managment services Website Management.  Making sure the website moves forward in search, growing its content to increase its value to your customers and keeping things updated and fresh is important.  

We help you with that so you dont have to worry.  

Search engines want fresh content and fresh designs, we give them what they want and they give you want you want.

Customers…  more

Search engine optimization services  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Were you show up in the search engines will determine if your phone rings or not.  

You can control where the website shows up, what searches produce the most phone calls and how often people look at your website.  

Optimizing for your search words and phrases will help you control what cities you pull customer from.  Because of the nature of services businesses, local is always the best place to start, we do your home city free of charge.  Additional cities are added as needed at additional costs.  National and state wide is handle differently as well.  more

Ecommerce solutions  E-Commerce.  Online shopping is an option if you also sell products with a service or vice versa.  There are many cost effective solutions for this need, we can help you navigate which one is the most cost effective and productive for your situation.

Typically, most web based (recommended) solutions dont rank well in search out of the box, but combined with a well placed website that can drive traffic, it’s a powerful combination until the store can generate leads on its own.  

We call this “The One Two Punch”.  Combining website with e-commerce.  more

About Our Services and Pricing

How fast you go depends on your budget and goals.

Fast or slow is not as important as the goal of getting there.

If you’re not on the front page in search, you wont be competitive.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.