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ComparinPrice comparisons.g Custom Web Design Prices

This important information will be helpful to you when you begin to shop for a web design company that can provide the level of service you need at a price you can afford.

We all know we need a productive website to be competitive these days, but what you may not know is how to price a web design company and why you should shop around.

When you compare prices, it can get a little confusing, in an effort to clear up this confusion, we will let you in on some important information.

The best way to avoid mistakes, is to avoid a web design firm that is too big.  Affordability is the concern here, yeah your website may look amazing, but you still need the budget for it.  We all want an amazing car, but we all have a budget to maintain too.  Big website firms can charge thousands for a custom website, our client base (target market) does not need a website that expensive.

We understand our client base, we understand your budget and your needs.  Developing a productive website for your service business can be affordable and creative.

Your website should be a tool for generating new business, but it don't have to be a money pit.  It must make a profit.

When comparing website cost to design, consider we are building your website from scratch, blank canvas and exclusive to you.  Comparison shopping requires the use of keywords “Custom” “Exclusive” “Unique” when comparing prices.

Mistakes to avoid?  Free websites is a time hog to stay away from, when was the last time you did business with a company who was using a free website template that looked like thousands of others online.  Search engines avoid them like the plague because anyone can launch one, there is no history and no way for the search engines to even verify who they are or who they say they are.  Free websites just do not place well in search.

Avoid too much website to quickly, it can cripple your business trying to maintain a website that is non productive.  Developing a productive website takes time, its best to be able to maintain a management and updates schedule that you can afford, grow it over time and when its a productive tool for your business, step up the budget to grow it to the next level.

So when you compare prices online, compare custom websites and our monthly management plans.  For an estimate of our pricing, go to our services page, add items, pick and choose services that interest you and learn how much it would cost to design and maintain a productive website.  Most our clients start small, we help you grow first, then we grow with you.  Effectively removing the burden of managing your website.

We are here to help you….

Successful websites.

Pricing Custom Web Designs