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HEADLINE NEWS!  We’re in the process of migrating to the WordPress platform >

Quick List of Design and Website Management Services

Basic Hosting (shared)

The web files need a computer, a storage place where they can be accessed from the Internet.  This computer and the company that provides it is called a “Host”.  When there are more than one website (sets of files) on this computer, the server is considered shared, the resources (space, bandwidth etc) is shared as well.  Shared hosting is the most common and it is more than enough space and resources for most service businesses.

Limited Shared (reduced the number of sites on the server)

Some websites require more space and resources allocated, limiting the number of websites on the server will allow the website to retain most of the server resources.  Space for images, videos, posts, archived content etc.  Because there are a limited number of websites on the server, it is more expensive, the costs aren't shared by as many, so the ones left pay more.  This type of hosting is typically more expensive but it allows for faster growth for the websites who need it.

Custom Website Designs

All our designs start from scratch, a blank canvas that will tell your story.  We don't limit the number of pages for you, we simply budget when they are published.  The design is owned by you and your company and it will never be replicated to another client without permission.  Occasionally we use a similar design for multiple location businesses but it's because they like the original so much, they wanted consistency through out their organization.

Logo Design (custom)

When we are designing and managing a website for a client, it makes designing your logo even more affordable.  Most logo companies charge $200 and up.  We simply charge $50 per proof.  Simple design?  $50, more complex, need more changes we submit another proof for another $50.  Most clients accept the first draft and if they want to make changes later, we simply make those changes during their website updates.  Easy peezy...

Domain Search and Registration

Getting a good domain is harder than it used to be, with so many already taken, sometimes it can be a challenge getting your business name.  Registering your business name is always recommended, but its not always the best domain to have.  We register the best domain possible.

Domain Protection

Now that you got your domain, you dont want to loose it to someone else.  We put your name on “Auto Register©”.  This will ensure that you will keep your domain for as long as you want it.  You can register more than one.

Managed Content

We add content to your website on a set schedule after the launch date.  The shell has all your basic information that every website needs to convey your message, but we take it to the next level by continuing to add content on a set monthly, bi monthly or quarterly schedule based on your plan and business goals.  Growing your sites content will grow its value to your potential new customers and get you more pages in the search engines.  We add content provided by you or provided by us doing our own research into your industry.  We do not limit how much content is added, we schedule it on a consistent basis with your budget in mind.

Year End Updates

At the end of each year, we implement the most current technologies into your design.  Completely redesigning if needed but maintaining your current content.  This service feels free but it's actually paid monthly.  Feels free because you don't have to think about it anymore or worry about an invoice sneaking up on you.  These updates are typically the largest and can be done a piece at a time through the year with the major changes being implemented at the end of the year or the beginning of the following year.  Sometimes it's just freshening up the look to maintain the current design trends, other times its coding that better suites the search engines.

NEW!  Rating and Reviews (stimulate and gather)

We make it so convenient for customers to review your services, it stimulate and encourages them to comment.  They comment by using their preferred method link directly from your website.  If their experience was not so good, we encourage them to contact you before telling the world, giving you the opportunity to nip a bad one in the bud and turn it into a good one before damage is done to your reputation.  This service is included inside every website we design for s client but we can take it a step further, you can add on a service where we actually email the customer a reminder for them to take a minute a review your site.  It help grow your reviews and your popularity in search.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

Over time, your pages will be indexed in all the major search engines, we do this using many techniques, so many we do not have room here to list.  As these pages are indexed, we find them in search, edit the content, keyword data and phrases to optimize your website over its nearest competitor.  Search engines re-scan and re rank your pages, moving them towards the front page, preferably the very top into the maps.  This process take time, how long it takes depend on how competitive the search is and your budget.  The larger the budget, the faster we can get you there but, ultimately it's based on the search engines and their update schedules.  The best looking websites in the world don't help you grow sales if your potential new customer cant find it online.  The rule of thumb here is:  Better it look mundane and grow your customer base then look fancy and not.  Best to get both, but its always more fun to make money and pay your bills.

Holiday Updates

3 times a year we update your website for the 3 major holidays you wish to celebrate.  Adding some holiday decor tell your potential new customers that you care, your website is real and your content is a fresh as it can be.  You choose which ones we celebrate.  The charge is monthly but the updates are done 3 times a year.

Managed Photo Albums Integrated with Popular Apps

We add as many or as few photos as you like, we don't limit the number of photos that can be added to your website pages, all we do is publish them on a budgeted schedule to make it more affordable.  One of the most popular photos apps going today is the new Google Photos(R).  We integrate this into your website to give you more control over your photo content, giving you the option to share on social media and keep things fresh.  All you have to do is take the photo with your phone, use the google app and its shows up on your website in the album.  Videos too...

Auto Pay Discounts

Our system accommodates secure auto pay features to give you worry free performance.  Simply tick the auto pay feature on or off anytime you want.  Things getting tight?  Turn if off for a couple months, things getting better?  Turn it back on.  Make sure to let us know when you turn it on so we can get your discount 10%off standard rate.

In Person Collect

Still write checks?  Don t trust the Internet with your credit card?  Yes we still have clients that prefer to write an old fashion check.  We can stop by to pick it up.  But it does take time so we have to add a collection fee.  Typically around 19$.  $19 for securing your credit card is a small price to pay we think.

Social Media’s

Creating/Managing your social media accounts will free up your schedule and grow your brand loyalty.  Us helping you do what you do best without hiring full time or part time staff is what we do best.  Giving you the piece of mind that its all taken care of in an affordable and budget minded way.

Mobile Website (dedicated mobile)

When we launch your website shell, it is already optimized cross platform, saving you time and money.  During the management portion of your website management, we create a dedicated mobile site.  This way when we do your year end updates we can make your PC or Tablet site larger to accommodate a more versatile design and additional content.  We do this as part of the management plan but can also launch with a dedicated mobile site.  To add one during launch we must charge for the additional resources required.

For additional information about other services like:  Pay Per Click advertising, Single Session Charges, Design Financing (interest free) and more, simply request a quote to begin the conversation.

“More Than Web Design, It’s Service Business Success”

Basic Hosting, Limited Shared Hosting, Custom Website Design, Logo Design, Domain Search and Registration, Domain Protection, Managed Content, Year End Updates, Rating and Reviews, Search Engine Optimizing, Holiday Updates, Managed Photo Albums (no limit photos), Auto Pay Discounts, In Person Collect, Social Media, Dedicated Mobile Website,