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HEADLINE NEWS!  We’re in the process of migrating to the WordPress platform >

About Our “Who Do You Know” Network of auto repair and accessories shops.

Another way we support our clients is through our exclusive “Who Do You Know” network link of shops.  Reciprocating links helps expand your customer base, we do this to help our clients grow.

We understand how many times you hear customers ask:  “Who Do You Know that Does ________”.  

It could be auto painting, interior work, stereo/sound system installations, window tinting, auto glass replacement, detailing or other automotive services that some shops just don’t offer.  

We connect you to them and them to you, offering your customers additional options for services you don’t provide.  

This also gives other service businesses the option of sending their customers to you.  Effectively keeping customers in the circle and increasing your services market area.

This network connects our client websites together, allowing each to maintain and then grow their customer base and even increasing their search engine reach.

Joining our client network has strings, you must be one of our web clients and you can’t just pay for access, you must be approved and can be removed at any time.  

This is not a link farm, these are legitimate real businesses who provide valued services to their customer base and link to each other for growth and support.

For more information, contact us or fill out the information request form.

(You must be one of our clients, its one of the ways we screen this list for quality and customer satisfaction.  You must be complimentary to an existing list member (you must offer services they dont or you’re not a competing shop in the same market area).

View the sample page.

“More Than Web Design, It’s Service Business Success”