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Web Design, Web Management and SEO Company Garner NC 27529

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Web Design Management SEO, started with a man, a laptop and a dream.  He began on his own as a freelance designer and sparked the interest of his entrepreneur family.  Our business hit the ground running and has continued growing ever since.  We combined our education, skills and experience into a well-balanced team.  Our business knowledge ranges from small service businesses to large corporate industries.  Our primary goal has been and will always be the success of our clients.  We will provide our services to you with integrity, dignity and focus.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you automatically get what you want.”

-Dale Carnegie

Our-Story our-staff

Robert Meeker

Lead Designer, 15 Years Design, 15 Years Manage, Founder/CEO

Design simplicity, builds from scratch and always puts the clients success first.  Client goals are best met when consistent effort and budget meet.

Contact:  Office, Facebook, Linked In, Email

About Us, Our Team and Our Future


Our primary goal is the success of our clients.  Success in that they are able to grow their buiness online, using the Internet as a tool, not a toy.  Utilizing technology is different than using technology.  We help them utilize their website as a productive tool and asset for their service business.

Our secondary goal is to be here when you need us.  Finding someone to do your website is great, but if they arent there when you need to update it, it’s pointless.  We have a stable client foundation that gives us long term stability.

Our long term goal is to pass th baton of working from home offices, helping client succeed by growing their business.  Passing it to other entreprenures through a franchise.  Transitioning our busines medel into a franchise is the only way we can effectively help more clients and the entreprenures who want to help them succeed.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you automatically get what you want.”

-Dale Carnegie

Service Industries

Our primary clients are in the service business Industry, new service business, old service business or a service business in transition.

Service businesses need their phone to ring, it’s one of thoses Industries where sales is dependant on the telephone.  We get that phone ringing by targeting their search online and get their website in front of people looking for the type of services they provide.

A partial list of service businesses that typically use us are:  Auto repair shops, body shops, cleaning companies, landscapers, lighting contractors, paint contractors, plumbers, pet groomers, thrift stores, vape and tobacco stores and others.

We are not limited to a specific service business type.  Service businesses all have one thing in common, the phone.  Some Industries rely on sales people, phone banks, email marketers etc.  Our typical service business client is a 1 - 5 person operation where the owner still works.  We help you grow your business and customer base by targeting new business online, making your phone ring.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you automatically get what you want.”

-Dale Carnegie

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Family Owned and Operated

Heather Meeker

Sales and Design Executive

She brings formal design training, sales experience and a long term vision for web design firm.

Contact:  Office, Email

Robby Meeker

IT and Hardware Department Manager

So many people, so many computers, Robby handles all our IT and hardware needs.  Anytime you have this many computers working together and professionals collaborating files, things break and need to be fixed.  Robby is the guy we scream for when something breaks.  Builder of all things computer…

Contact:  Office, Email